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Red Dice Games Store Championship

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Yesterday had Red Dice Games (Edinburgh) hosting their first Armada Store Championship. 8 of us were able to make it, meaning nobody was stuck with a bye! 

We didn't see too many big wins over the course of the event, so no huge bundles of MoV for anyone, and 3rd-7th were all within a couple of points tournament score of each other. Quite a few pretty cagey games in fact, with a lot of very small wins (including a 0-0 one game!)

An even split of Imperial and Rebel, with a few admirals showing up in two lists, but nothing more heavily favoured than that.

Standings and lists: https://tabletop.to/star-wars-armada-2018-store-championship-at-red-dice-games

Photos: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1021014732847935489

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