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Epic Epic - Let the Lunacy commence.

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15 hours ago, Regnak said:


So, this is happening....

Um, It looks like a couple of your Scyks have undergone some serious modifications.  (And your C-Rocs for that matter.)


Nice work on all those paint jobs.

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For some reason my laptop stopped letting me upload photos yesterday, here's the full album - https://imgur.com/a/UgYOKDS

It was an Imperial victory, due to my partner still having most of his forces flying.

We started with 9 Epics on the table, only 2 C-ROCs were destroyed.  Both of my Raiders survived the game, one was down to 3 hull left on the rear section and if we'd gone another turn, they would have been broadsiding the CR90.

Adding Ruthlessness to the TIE Defenders did a lot of work!  Removed at least 2 rebel ships due to just the splash damage, they were brutal.  I ended up running the gunboats as Mango Cannon Boats but I wasn't sold on them, prefer them as ordanance carriers.

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