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Anima: Tactics @ Little Wars 2010 - (Event Complete, Report)

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@ Little Wars 2010



I will be hosting demonstration games of Anima: Tactics at Little Wars 2010. (www.littlewars.net.au/)

What is Anima: Tactics? Well it is a small skirmish wargame feature heroic units only, it blends both Japanese Anime and Western Mythology into a single style. Each character is exceptionally skilled at Magic, Ki powers, Psionics or may have access to advanced technologies long lost to the world or be a part of a horrific Mega-Corporation secretly experimenting with the vilest sorceries and creating undead abominations.

What is Little Wars? Its a micro-convention held on a single Sunday in late May, it is hosted in a Club so it is fueled by Alcohol, compared to a normal convertion its a different sort of crowd.  It also features games for the historical gamers as its primary focus, but does keep the classics around as well.

Learning Anima is extremely simple and fast, it takes about a half hour to go through the basics of the game and even when your up with the rules the game will usually play in an hour or a little more.

Over the course of the afternoon from 1:30 onwards I will be demonstrating the game to whoever want, feel free to come along and watch, try it out or ask questions, no previous knowledge required.

If you wish to reserve the chance to play a Demo make sure you had on over to the Little Wars website and sign up or send me an email FreeAgent005@gmail.com, you can also hit this email to find out when I am running demonstrations outside of Little Wars or for further information.

- Raith

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After Action Report
Sunday May 23

Well once again I attended Little Wars one of the most unique Conventions around here as it is hosted in the upper level of a private German Club with the help of a number of the local gaming groups and miniature businesses.

I arrived at the con on time and ready to go but had to kill some time until my table was ready. After wandering around, taking in the sites getting something to drink and contemplating if it was worth waiting in line for a table in the crowded dining room I broke out the horde of figures and set up shop.


Barely had I got half a dozen people on the table before I had a couple of guys wanting to have a demonstration and as I finished getting ready it was straight into explaining the rules and fluff to passerby while guiding a couple of guys through the demo match.


For a change I made my Demo groups 150 levels BAel, Shinigami Ayl and Cheshire v Evangaline, Kronnen and Lorenzo.

Light turned out to be the victors for the day especially when Bael failed to use her Control Bound enhanced Paralyze spell on Lorenzo who slipped past Cheshire to destroy Bael and engage Ayl in combat.


This year I was in a much bigger location with a full sized table so my figures got a lot of attention as did the demonstration matches especially the last game of the day where my team was completely crushed. The cry of victory spread around the room quickly and my opponent who runs a gaming store promised that they would soon be setting up their own Anima Demonstration night.


Like usual I ended up talking myself hoarse with little time to take a break from the questions and demonstrations but like last year it was a great event to attend

- Raith

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