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Doom Board game advanced rules

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Hey guys (and girls),

I'm working on advanced rules for Doom the board game. For now, i'm on a brainstorm phase, looking what could be interesting for the game.

I'm thinking on working on different aspects, maybe differents way to play:

- A "solo" mode with auto-demon play

-An advanced demon player, who could play their lovely demon more like the Marines way, with actions card and all those stuffs.

- A campaign mode, including an evolution of the "Marines" with more than just "Class Cards"


For now, i'm analysing the different demons and "moveset" they have in the original game, for now i have this:

_ Imp: hit and run, fireball and scratches/ two fireballs attack, one fast and weak, other charged and dangerous (intelligent, long range priority)

_ Possessed: melee, blast, charged blast (intelligent, long range priority)

_ baron of ****: close-combat, fireball, ground smash (intelligent, ?)

_ Cacodemon: Ranged spew, bites (distance or close combat, long range priority, animal)

_ Pinky: charge stupidly, stunning on walls (focus on closest player, close combat priority, animal)

_ Mancubus: flamethrower (close), fire weapon (long range), stomp attack **** wave (intelligent, long range priority)

_ Cyberdemon: canon and cac (intelligent, long range priority)

_ Revenant: Rocket launcher, melee (intelligent, long range priority)

It's really simple for now, don't want to make it too heavy. For now i have two "attitude"; intelligent or animal (or dumb if you prefer). Animal will focus on the closest player, not "thinking" on the most dangerous player it should focus. Intelligent will be more complicated to deal with, i have to think how the demon will choose the most "dangerous" player (maybe player with most HP, biggest weapon).

If you have ideas, gimme some help, it will be great.


For now, i still work on it, will make adds on this post.


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Ok just start my brainstorming about auto-demon player.

Just add a file probably a bit messed up but here are the big lines:

Activation of a demon should work like this:

-Determinate the target

-Movement to get in range or close combat


-Run for cover / Out of range or stay close (depending of the demon)

To this, i must add used of Argent Power Token and Event cards.

For argent token, just have to find a way to randomize the way to give the token to group of demon.

Event cards are more tricky. Some are global effect, just have to play it. Other are effect on specific demon so there's two ways to do it.

- i just give randomly the card to the different groups

-i determine a specific distribution of the cards depending of demons in play and effects of those cards.


Have to work more on it but it should work correctly with few change.

See ya ❤️

Demon list moveset.odt

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