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Oh Nooooooooo it’s Friday....... Happy Saturday

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Triple scouts like you've never see them before ?


Manaroo focuses and passes it to one of the scouts who both TL or BR. They have recon and attain so one focus becomes four. And give the Scouts countermeasures and Hotshot so they can get 3 attack at range 2 once and make the most of the focus tokens.


https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!173:197,178,-1:-1:-1:;174:176,38,113:-1:12:;174:176,38,113:-1:12:&sn=Focus Multiplier&obs=

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Boba Fett — Firespray-31 39
Expertise 4
Heavy Laser Cannon 7
Rebel Captive 3
Engine Upgrade 4
Slave I 0
Ship Total: 57
"Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter 29
Push the Limit 3
Advanced Sensors 3
Cruise Missiles 3
Primed Thrusters 1
Engine Upgrade 4
Special Ops Training 0
Ship Total: 43

This was pretty stupid but worked a little better than I originally intended it to (it was still very bad). Probably the hardest I have ever tried to make Quickdraw bad.

Edited by Boom Owl

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Happy Fridayish!!!!!

I think the stupidest list of late was this:

Medium Slim Downs - Copy (100)

•IG88-C (50) - Aggressor
Push The Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), "Mangler" Cannon (4), Glitterstim (2), Autothrusters (2)

•Boba Fett (50) - Firespray-31
Expertise (4), •IG-88D (1), Glitterstim (2), Engine Upgrade (4)


I had hoped that linking Boba to IG-C would give him added durability, but it sadly didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.

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Happy late friday! You posted on friday here though. My list was as follows, not super dumb, but dumber that the Baby Blues I am flying now.

Saw Gerrera: wired, Hera, Ezra, Refit, Ion projectors, collision.

3X Cavern Angel Zealot: Ptl, refit, IA, S-foils, R2 astromech.

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Swarm Leader Zuckuss, 2 Cartel Spacers (1 Flechette Cannon 1 Tracers), Viktor w Stealth Device, Missiles, Scavenger Crane.

Originally club said for the remainder of 1.0 we play junk and HotAc. 

Got paired against Tragedy Simulator Nym, Sabine on B-wing, 3rd ship I can't remember.

Was not fun, no doubts about outcome :(

Edited by Managarmr

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My Attempt at a S&V "swarm" using the ships I own.

Light Sunny Bounder (12)

Jakku Gunrunner - Cikatro, PA & STA, Cloak (21)

Khirax (Cartel Marauder) - Harpoons, Contraband, GC (23)

Syndicate Thug - TLT (24)

Kaa'to Leeachos - Deadeye, Harpoons, GC (20)

Actually won a game with it against Yorr, QD and Quiz - LOL

Other games as expected.


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