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Qustions about DJ's ability

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So DJ's ability states


After you remove one or more of an opponents dice, you may deal one indirect damage to that opponent for each die you just removed

So is the only way you get his ability to trigger is by you playing a card that specifically has the wording "remove" a die or dice?

I've been told that me playing Vandalize will not trigger it if the player rolled in the support/upgrade and I vandalized it (thus removing it) because the game state / mechanics removed the die, not me.

What about playing "Doubt"? If my opponent can not resolve the die, it is removed (which came from my card being played).

Just trying to see the limitations of DJ's ability.

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You specifically have to remove it as per the wording of the card. Normally, "remove a die" implies the one who played the card but Doubt specifically says your opponent either resolves or removes

Meanwhile, Hidden Motive works

Stuff like Crash Landing and, more hilariously, Under Attack also work 

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Under Attack is one of those cards that make me want Bubble Shield in my deck.

I usually dont use it because random indirect is about all i ever face, i never see decks that do more than 1-2 indirect a turn on average and often none at all. Im the only local guy that actively tries to spam indirect lol.

Under Attack is technically a bad card but unlike garbage like "Change of Fate" (seriously i have racked my brain so hard trying to find A SINGLE USE for this card, if it had Ambush it could easily be mind-gaming stuff but no so wtf is it even supposed to do???) its actually usable in certain scenarios. Against heavy modifier decks or if you got bubble/lots of characters for instance.

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Change of Fate, is very situational. But an example I can think off the top of my head would be,

Roll out something like Planterary Bombardment, hit the 6 or 7 indirect, but you lack the resource to resolve it.

Your opponent rolls out elite Boba, gets two specials. Huge damage incoming, and discarding to reroll could end up with the same high damage

You play this to make them change it to something else (you can't turn the die to it is already on) then this situation goes from 14 damage to 4.

Or you use it against characters like Sabine, they god roll max damage, you play that and they at least have to reduce the damage by one or two per die depending on the other sides. Provided they don't action cheat a resolve before hand of course.

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