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The Deepwood

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Lore time! I was reading The Realms of Terrinoth and foubd a section on the Deepwood. I have no idea if this is part of the lore insert from the Deepwood Archers Expansion, but I'll share it anyway.

The Deepwood is an old forest with trees so tall and wide that the forest is perpetually dark. Glowing ferns and fungu light the understory like candles. Unfortunately, outsiders are eager to steal these mysterious life forms.

"To spare the lives of those foolhardy enough to attempt the journey, but also to fend off greater threats, the Deepwood Archers were established to catch or repel any who dare try to infiltrate the forest. These elite warriors camouglage themselves in hues of deep purple and blue to blend in with the perpetual shadows beneath the Deepwood canopy. Masters of stealth tactics and capable of hunting in total darkness, the Deepwood Archers epitomize the silence of death. Yet, incredibly lucrative contracts lure an increasing number of adventurers to accept foolhardy quests to the Deepwood each year."

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