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TIE/rb stats, ship ability and pilot ideas

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Since this droid brain is supposed to be a thing how about something like snapshot. If a ship ends it’s move in your arc you get an immediate shot and may only use calculate tokens to modify. I also like @ficklegreendice‘s idea of it keeps calculate tokens to a max of say 2-3. All this would require it’s primary att is 2 so maybe something like...

2/2/5/0 with a crud, but not complete crap, dial. No k’s or auto turns, but give the thing at least hard 1’s maybe even as red.

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FFG might do the same thing that they did with the reaper. Hopefully that also means some really unique additions to the game as well as the wonky timing.

Had another idea for the ship, make it kinda like an imperial YT-2400, which is appropriate considering the connection to obstacles.


2 primary attack

Ship ability: After attacking at range 2-3, you may perform an additional attack against the defender.


So it has a sensor blindspot like the YT-2400, and a way to represent the autotrigger for the ship's guns.

You could balance it with a fast dial to make it hard to range your opponent.

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