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Lando is back for IX!

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1 hour ago, JJ48 said:

Would this be a second Holiday Special, or were you thinking a full sitcom?

I was thinking more of Chewie just slapping Rey and Poe on the shoder then striding off into a well-earned retirement.  Although I'd happily watch a 24-episode run of "Let The Wookiee Win" (subtitled) over whatever Episode IX has in store for us.

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On 7/9/2018 at 7:11 PM, Animewarsdude said:

Until the ST's murder bender turns to him. They already got Luke, Han, Ackbar, Wedge (likely), and Leia (likely killed off screen now due to Carrie's passing). Just wait for Episode 9 to need an emotional moment/heroic death and him just to happen to be there.

I mean, yes it is great to see Billie D back as Lando but I fear the worst for Lando in the film.


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