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I don't like this artificial twist in the Labyrinths of Lunacy Expansion...

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On 7/10/2018 at 1:15 PM, Starbreaker1 said:

Besides, you shouldn't feel bad my group, while playing epic multiplayer, suffered the same fate but due to a different issue...I was playing Carolyn and drew her weakness with one doom away from the agenda advancing..we spent 20 minutes trying to solve the puzzle, we even figured out a way to get me an action, but it needed a skill test and as of right now, no card exists that performs a fast action skill test, so we all lost, in our group at least, due to a single bad card draw.  However it has already been mentioned in the game store as quite possibly the most memorable ending of any game of Arkham.  It's important to note, most people, tend to remember failure far better than victory, I have made it a mission to turn that into an important enjoyment and have found more fun in most games I play because of it.


Carolyn's weakness strikes again! Ugh! Someone get the girl her non-replacement signature cards already! ☠️

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Wouldn't this be a useful thing for your rules lawyer to read?


An investigator is permitted to activate abilities from the following sources:

A card in play and under his or her control. This includes his or her investigator card.

A scenario card that is in play and at the same location as the investigator. This includes the location itself, encounter cards placed at that location, and all encounter cards in the threat area of any investigator at that location.

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