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Fun last 1e. sortie

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Life has been incredibly busy lately, but I may be able to squeeze in one last mission this evening. The firespray is my favorite so I’d like to fly that. Any fun-to-fly ideas built around a scum firespray are good. My scum hanger is pretty limited, but I might be able to put my hands on a scurrg before the game, so a cookie if you can make that work with the firespray.

Or if you want to go really crazy an come up with a firespray, tie advance prototype, tie FO/SF then that sounds good too. 

Thanks for glancing. Enjoy your Saturday of flying and list building. 

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Here's an oddball I've tried once and will try again:

  • Darth Vader (VI, Harpoon Missile, Engine Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Computer) [39] + Optimized Prototype Condition
  • Boba Fett (Expertise, Director Krennic, Harpoon Missile, Bomblet Generator, Engine Upgrade, Andrasta) 59

For a Firespray/SF/TAP-list, how about:

  • Bounty Hunter (Director Krennic) [38]
  • The Inquisitor (Push the Limit, TIE v1, Autothrusters) [31] + Optimized Prototype
  • Zeta Specialist (Accuracy Corrector, SpecOpsTraining, Lightweight Frame) [28]
    • I strongly believe Accuracy Corrector is better on generic SFs.  On Quickdraw and Backdraft, you have the PS to reliably keep arc on the same ship over time, and will get value from FCS.  Without that, Accuracy Corrector is wicked strong, due to the strength of a defensive focus token on the 2+LWF green dice.
  • There are three wiggle points.  That could be Ion Cannon or Andrasta/Bomblet Generator on the Bounty Hunter, Proton Rockets on The Grand Inquisitor, or some upgrades to the TIE SF, perhaps upgrading to an Omega Specialist with Trick Shot and Primed Thrusters..
    • Some of those thoughts could be mixed.  Ion Bomb on the Bounty Hunter, plus and Primed Thrusters on the Zeta, or Tractor Beam Bounty Hunter and either Advanced Optics or Pattern Analyzer on the SF.

A TIE/FO could get a fancier Firespray.

  • Kath Scarlet (Expertise, Director Krennic) [47]
  • The Inquisitor (Push the Limit, TIE v1, Autothrusters) [31] + Optimized Prototype
  • Epsilon Ace (Advanced Optics) [19] or Zeta Ace (Lone Wolf, Advanced Optics) [22]
    • There are three wiggle points if you go with Epsilon Ace, and in this version, I'd almost surely go with Proton Rockets on the Inquisitor, since there aren't good upgrades for EpAce at that cost, and I don't want to overload Kath.

There are quite a lot of upgrades here, but those can be proxied or borrowed.


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