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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Questions from the FFG Forum Archives Dark Heresy First Edition - Rules Questions (Batch 4 - The Inquisitor's Handbook)

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1. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/16326-background-packages-question/?tab=comments#comment-168688


On page 26 of the IH, it states that "Any adjustments to your character by selecting a Background Package do not count as an Advance for the purpose of increasing your rank, nor do increases or reductions count towards the improvement of your Characteristics through normal means."


Strictly read, this means that the experience spent on the package also does not count towards increasing your rank. So, if you take the Void Commercia background, you deduct 200 xp from your starting XP. Then you spend your other 200. At the end of the session, you gain 200 xp and spend it. However, you are still Rank 1, because the 200 xp spent on the package doesn't count.


- Is this correct?


---------- > This is answered quite well in that thread.


Personal Addition: In case the thread ever changes again the answer is that “This is correct. XP spent on BG-packages do not count towards rank increases. So if you spend XP on a BG-package with a new character it will take a bit longer for that character to reach second rank.”


2. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/28131-moritat-background-cost/?tab=comments#comment-287135


In the Inquisotorial Handbook, the Moritat background cost is 300 XP.


In the french translation of this book it is 200 XP.


- Which is the correct cost?


--------- > 300 XP


3. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/31385-assassins-strike-and-the-reapinghelp/?tab=comments#comment-317964


The talent "Assassins Strike" says: "Whenever you engage an opponent and make a melee attack, you may make an acrobatics test to move at your Half move rate as a free action. your opponent may not take the customary free attack."


- Does this mean that as a free action you can make an acrobatics test and move or does it mean that the test is a half action and moving is free?


--------- > The former.


The reason I say this is that as a Moritat Reaper (inquisitors handbook) you can use the talent "the reaping" and these two talents MAY be able to be used in conjunction with one another.


Personal Addition: Actually could they be used in conjunction?


------- > Sure.


4. Personal Question thought of after initial set.


Can those resurrected from a “Cybernetic Resurrection” be healed by a psychic power?


--------- > I’d have to say no in general, but if the players work up a way to get a Tech-Priest and a Psyker together to do some fancy joint work it could be interesting to make a plan to have it work.


5. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/40984-cybernetic-resurrection/?tab=comments#comment-408802


. A while ago I died (It happens) and received full cybernetic resurrection from the Mechanicus Secutor (I just leveled rank 4 and wanted to take the alternate rank anyway so worked quite well).


The problem we are having is with the line "you gain 2 points of armour to all locations". We took this to mean I gained an additional 2 armour on top of the armour I was wearing, but the GM started to worry that it was making me overpowered to the rest of the group (right before almost taking my hand off with a power scythe!!)


He is now saying that it should be classed as a different set of armour and not counted together, like wearing a flak jacket over a carapace chest, which would mean the only time I would benefit from it was if I was running round naked.


- Is this correct?


--------- >  If that’s how the GM wants it to be played, that’s the way it should be played. I would suggest otherwise, but I’m not the one running the game.


6. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/16651-nascent-psykers-force-weapons/


So, if a Nascent Psyker who's abilities have already manifested wields a Force Weapon, how would you resolve the damage done?


According to the RAW, I don't think they would get a damage bonus, since the bonus is based on Psy-Rating, which a Nascent Psyker does not have.


This however, seems like a limited interpretation, especially considering that the book points out that Psy-Ratings are an abstraction, rather than actual notable tiers of ability.


------- > As per RAW.


7. From the source of question 6 as well.


Also, if a Nascent was to receive the bonus, would they be able to use the "Killing Will" power of the weapon?


------- > N/A


8. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/73928-contact-cost/?tab=comments#comment-720205


Contact has a skill cost = 10xp and Contact is an expert in a skill, cost = 20xp which makes sense, but Contact has a skill group, cost = 50xp, Contact is an expert in a skill group, cost = 50xp.


It doesn't elaborate if your contact has to buy one and then the other or can chose one over the other.


- So is it 10xp+20xp and the contact is an expert in a skill or 50xp+50xp the contact is an expert in a skill group?


- Or is it 20xp and the contact is an expert in a skill or 50xp and the contact is an expert in a skill group.


-------- > individual who is an expert in a single skill would be 10+200. Individual who is an expert in a skill group would be 10+50+50.


9. I tried to source it but the site kept throwing me errors, abandoned after a dozen attempts.


------- > It’s the second part of the question from above.




The "I used to know" someone rule reduces the cost of a contact by typically 50%.


- Is that reduction before or after applying the negative contact costs such as Dubious or Dangerous?


---------- > I’d apply them, then apply I Used To Know Someone…


10. I tried to source it but the site kept throwing me errors, abandoned after a dozen attempts.




Hi guys! In IH on p.224 there are rules for pursuits, which seem pretty normal, until you've actually playtested them - unless I got them all wrong.


What they basically say is:


1) You roll Initiative, whoever wins - gets 1 Pursuit point.


2) Each turn you can take Chase or Flee Action, which is actually an Agility test, with difficulty that depends on terrain, traffic etc. If you pass the test - you gain 1 Pursuit Point + 1 PP for each degree of success. Failure nets you loss of PP's.


- The problem is I don't get what happens when you manage to catch the fleeing guy?


--------- > Not sure I follow. You catch them, so you’re now in contact. You could attack them, perhaps do a grapple to take them down.


Starting at 0 PP's also makes you lose the pursuit real fast - not fun, especially for starting Acolytes.


------- > That’s really on the GM to ensure the Acolytes have suitable foes. A target who gets away, though, can be worked into the plot as now the PCs have to track them down. The PCs don’t always have to win each encounter ?

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