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Some painted Descent minis

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Wow, you pack in so much detail- some of the best I've seen - are you able to do any close up shots? And what's your secret? You've set the bar very high indeed as have some other painters (I have a lot of minis to get round to painting!)


Are you sure you haven't cheated and made your own sculpts, hard to even imagine these once being grey plastic!

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Thanks, I am glad you like it. It's just my 2nd painting project. So I'm still learning :-) My first project was minis from Talisman - board game:



I watch a lot of videos on youtube, a lot of pictures with painted minis. My "painting guru" :-) is Sorastro. His videos are really great. As I said, I'm only at the beginning and there is still room for impovement.

You wish any close up shots. OK, next time I'll start with Grisban the Thirsty.  I have one more question (I'm new here) - Why is here so small the max total size for new pictures?


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3 hours ago, Proto Persona said:

Your images are starting to break. Might need to use an image hosting site. Could always use the Descent 2nd ed site on BGG. That way some of the larger gaming community can see your work. I think they'd be impressed too.

Thanks :-)  I know the side.  I'm already registered here. ? :-)

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