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HOB: From the Wreckage - Lady Eliza Farrow teleport question

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Hi. I have a question regarding the teleport ability of Lady Eliza Farrow on the "From the Wreckage Quest" in Heirs of Blood. It states:

Each time Lady Eliza Farrow is affected by an
attack, before rolling dice, the overlord rolls 1
brown die. The number of rolled is the teleport
distance. The overlord may remove Lady Eliza
Farrow from the map and place her in an empty
space up to the teleport distance away.
Then, if
Lady Eliza Farrow is not a valid target, the attack
is canceled and the action is lost.

Is the removal from the map and placing her in an empty space considered as "entering" that particular space?

I have read the Community Rule and Reference Guide and it states:

Entering and Exiting a space
• When a figure changes its position from one space on the map
to another space on the map, it is considered to be exiting its
current space and entering another space.
• If a figure is being placed from off the map, it is not entering
a space. This includes heroes being revived or standing up,
reinforcing monsters, summoning familiars, etc.
• A large monster expanding into a space is not entering that

Does bullet point 1 consider Eliza Farrow's ability as entering the space even if she is removed from the map? Because the way I understood her ability is that she changed her position. And also, the way I understood bullet point 2 is that it is only considered not entering a space only of the figure is not in the map in the first place, (like reinforcements).

Hoping someone can enlighten me on this as the answer will determine who is the winner for our quest.
Background: Lady Eliza Farrow is down to 2 HP and she was able to move to a pit to dodge our last 2 attacks (there's a monster blocking the line of sight if she moved to the pit). We argued that she was still entering the space even if it's a teleport move and she will still receive the 2 damage from entering the pit, thus defeating her. But our overlord argued that it was not entering a space and she will not receive the damage.

Thank You in advance to the people who can answer this.

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From the CRRG, page 26:

“Remove and place” and “Place” •    The figure is removed from its current space on the map and placed in another space. Eligible target spaces are defined by the effect itself (such as “within 3 spaces“, or “in the closest empty space adjacent to the monster“). The new position is determined by counting spaces, no movement points are gained or spent. •    This type of movement is not considered to be a move action. It does not result in the figure moving into any spaces and only the target space is entered. It cannot be interrupted. •    As no movement points are involved, terrain that increases movement point costs has no effect, other rules unrelated to movement points still apply.

The quest rules text for Eliza Farrow's teleport ability has the same wording as Astarra's hero ability, so I think it belongs to the same "Remove and place" category described here. The relevant points are: "only the target space is entered" and "other rules unrelated to movement points still apply" (in this case, taking 2 damage).

It seems to me that if Eliza teleports into the pit space, she takes 2 damage.

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