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I received this game, Descent, as well as the expansion Labyrinth of Ruin from a friend a while ago. Had loads of fun playing it with my group but we never actually went past the base campaign due to time and people coming and going.

When we finally decided to play the expansion campaign, I realised that I'm missing quite a few tiles from the expansion... 

Does anyone know if Asmodee is still willing to ship those parts to me? I'm willing to pay shipping and replacement fees of course. Just wondering because technically Descent is kinda an old game and I'm not sure if they still have parts to spare...

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Might be worth writing to them and seeing if they can help, or you could pick up a second set second hand or new and just have some spare duplicates (I own three Manor of Ravens sets as the manor was so important to my campaign project- I wanted it to be really customisable/changeable. So duplicate map tiles can be made use of.)

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