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Battle of Attollon & Prize Give Away!

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For those who can't watch the video, we're going to be finally filming the next Nerf Herding scenario episode, this time we are recreating the Battle of Attollon.


I thought i'd make it interesting this by having the community participate! Basically i'm introducing first two phases before the turn starts.

1. Bidding Phase

Luke (Imperial) and Nick (Rebel) secretly uses Credits to bid for 1st player. They can bid nothing or a lot. It really depends if they really want first player!

2. Action Phase

There are a bunch of thematic Action cards unique to both players. They'll have a credit cost to be used like this one http://kdyards.com/upgrades.view.php?id=6816

The thing is though, i havent determined a starting credit pool yet. Instead i'll let the community decide! All you have to do is comment on the video or even in this thread with either +1 Luke or +1 Nick. I'll tally the total amount of votes and that will make up Luke and Nick's credit pool when they start their game next week!

In addition, we are doing a Space Rocks prize give away via raffle. We get asked a lot about where we get our Armada terrain from, and sadly you can't anymore. So we're giving people the chance to obtain  spare set that we have!

Pledging your support for Luke or Nick will get you 1 chance in the draw, our Patreon members will get 2! The draw will be done at the end of the episode.

Good Luck gents!


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