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What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

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Tricky question!

Jumpmaster, if that counts. (Nothing was that actively and repeatedly nerfed and still remained on top!)

Miranda, TLT and Engine Upgrade are close.

Regen as concept, too.

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People memories are so fickle, I can't beleive so many people are saying Harpoon while we had some way more broken stuff for far longer time.


-Manaroo: passing all his tokens to any friendly ship in the mat?!? Was it seriously a thing?

-Palpatine: change one die at turn after all modifications were done anywhere in the mat?!? How that passed any kind of test?

-X/7: it doesn't matter what you did, you got an evade. On a 6 hp 3 green dice ship.

-Biggs (pre-first nerf): it doesn't matter what you are planning to do, every other ship of my list now has 5-6 extra hp protected by 2 green dice and r4d6 who occasionally can even shoot back at you.


Those were the big offenders, then there is also a plethora of other broken things (like cloak, c3po on Han, Miranda, Zuckuss and more), but they are a step behind the big 4

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12 hours ago, Hawkstrike said:

Phantoms, during the Dark Times.


I would tend to agree. You either brought a squad to directly counter the Phantom, or you just flew around for 50 minutes while one ship picked you apart.


Mindlink was pretty repugnant though in the Atanni list. It took maybe 2 or 3 games to get understand how to fly the list and it was like playing on easy mode. It was such a good list that even after the Manaroo nerf you can just throw a Contracted Scout in there and still it was top tier. Not many lists archetypes survived a direct nerf to one of the pilots in the list and still kept on chugging along.

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