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A GM screen for Genesys

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Hi everyone, 

Will a game master screen for Genesys (or/and Terrinoth) appear in the future ?

I currently use my Star Wars screens, but having something closer to the Genesys "look" on the player side and less blasters on the GM side could be useful ?.

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I just bought this:


Then I printed off relevant tables and references from Genesys and some art for the player facing side and all set!

I think one of the challenges of FFG releasing a Genesys 'official' screen is that since it's a toolbox, there is a lot of info that would be relevant for one setting, but not for another. Even the theme and art differs greatly. So i'm not sure it would be worth them trying to publish a 'one size fits all' screen. A RoT screen might make some sense (and individual setting screens) but even there I would wager that a lot of people are picking and choosing from the RoT lore rather than running it verbatim.

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