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How many rerolls?

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Sorry if this has been asked before,  but I'm confused about how many total rerolls one die can have.

Is this a once a die is rerolled it is locked (IA, and IIRC Rebellion) or not?

So, scenario:

Single Stormtrooper with an aim token.  For the sake of the scenario lets say he's shooting at an T-47 or something else with armor and so needs a crit to hit

Rolls a Blank, spends his aim token.

a) This die can be rerolled a single time and the two remaining rerolls (from aim and precise) are lost regardless of the outcome of the initial reroll

b) I can spend all three rerolls one one die if I so choose, so I could, if I wanted to chance it roll blank(initial) -> hit -> blank -> crit


I've seen it played both ways and I'm trying to figure out what the correct way is.

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Aim tokens allow you to reroll 2 dice. Precise increases the number of dice that can be rerolled.

This number is the dice, not how many times you can re-roll.
So roll in your attack, and spend an aim token. Choose how many dice you would like to re-roll, up to your limit (Aim(2) + Precise(x)). Pick up those dice and re-roll them.

After that, you may spend another aim token to repeat that step. There is no restriction on how many times a die can be re-rolled.

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