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MOTF Battle Report Ep.27 | Raddus Hard Counter!

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24 minutes ago, LTD said:

Explain please the "hard counter"?

Do you mean the Gravity thing that makes ships deploy at speed 0?

Or the many squadrons?

Nick knew my entire fleet (as we had shared it in our chat) before building his. 

He just happened to "throw together" a list with an Interdictor with Grav Wells and Targeting Scramblers and all the other things that make life for Raddus as difficult as possible. 

Jerk :P 

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Thanks, great game.

31:50 looks like that ISD is doing some angry kinky things to that station ;-).

I think dropping raddus from the same side a turn earlier would have allowed you to either wedge Nick in between your ships if he swung up, or force him to give up the ISDs backside, allowing you to get that extra shots in over the duration of the game.

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