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3 hours ago, Emreis said:

- What is the deadline for ordering this pre-order?

- Will it be exclusively sell only via FFG online store or it will be distributed also to shops in EU ( there are some comments that simply the costs of shipping from US are too high - even 50% of the price of the preorder).

I don't know specifically, but it's before August 28.

It will be available through FFG's webstore only. :/

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On 6/27/2018 at 6:53 AM, Calvadur said:

Your best way to save shipping is to order three copies (e.g. for you and two friends) and split shipping by 3. As the supply is limited you can‘t order more than Three copies. Sadly there is no better solution I know of :(

Depending on how quick these go, reselling is another viable option. Throwing on a bit of markup to cover shipping and hassle is reasonable.

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