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I don't think this game needs regular skirmish-only releases - it just needs a starter box for skirmish with the bare necessities and nothing more. 

As for the comparison between the support Legion and IA is getting. Is it so surprising? Legion is all new and needs to be pushed, no different from when IA came out, with the possible difference that FFG has grown exponentially since then and the franchise has been kicked back to life on the big screen, changing the scopes naturally.


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10 hours ago, totalnoob said:

Honestly they are too far gone to go back and make any sweeping changes to IA without just relaunching it as a new product. It seems like if anything they are very comfortable with the mixed modes contained in a single box since now there is a THIRD game included if you take the app campaign as another “mode”.

I do agree releasing a skirmish box as an additional “update” would be a nice bone to throw to new skirmish folks. It’s silly to have to buy a large expansion (or multiple!) to use one one card , one figure,etc.

Yes! Exactly! Splitting would be optimal but if they don't want to split they could at least give us a skirmish core box. That would avoid new players to catch up with out of print stuff and many years of disposed content. It would also avoid the disappointing feeling of the current core set when you approach skirmish for the very first time.

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