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Let’s all of us design a new campaign expansion. Battle of Jakku.

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I'll just spitball some ideas for objectives. Also say that I would like to see a campaign box that have alternate ship refit/configurations as well as titles and task force and fleet names. I'll take squads, but I agree with some of the others that ships should be the focus.

There should be a boarding party centric objective. "Board and Secure" or something like that. It should somehow give everyone a way to board each other, but super reward players who've brought boarding upgrades specifically.

A defense mission where you have to protect a damaged ship in your fleet, or an Assault objective where you've already damaged a ship but this game you have to finish it off. Would be a good mission type for campaign play with it's already included Scarred status. Also reminiscent of some iconic WWII battles. 

A new rebel and imperial only base defense objective pair. Rebels "Evacuation" and Imperial "Lying in Wait" or some such. Rebels always be evacuating they bases. And Thrawn and Palpatine had some pretty iconic battles that were traps set for the Rebels to fly into.

An Ambush mission that plays with the obstacles in the navigation (blue) category. Like "Asteroid Ambush". Somehow gives you a way to deploy a ship from reserve from off an asteroid/debris/nebula token. Might offset the Raddus craziness right now if it was designed in a way that they couldn't work together.

"Destroyed planet" navigation objective where all it does is crowd the board with asteroids, maybe even new super large asteroid fields, would be a way to bring that presence of the Death Stars ruin to the Galaxy without having to actually have a Thee Death Star objective. It would really cement that part of the theme, and also be usable in almost any era of the saga. You could do another one that is debris focused for intense battlefield feel.

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