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So we need errata already

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On 6/19/2018 at 10:47 PM, DR4CO said:

At a guess, I'd say these were rushed out the door to get the expansions released and the cards were updated between then and the conversion kits. Anything we've seen from the conversion kits will almost surely take precedence.

Not a great look, though.

Guessing other people’s mindset in abstraction, ah - one of the great hobbies of the Internet Age....?


Seriously though, saying it’s a rushed product gives this company far too much credit. They’ve created their own built in fail safe to allow them to be even sloppier in design, so it is just as likely they changed the wording on purpose after additional playtests and will leave it to their app to sort out the mess. But don’t worry, their next change is just a keystroke away.

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