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Saber Swarm question

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Sometimes I do not have access to my books right away, I am working, or I am travelling... it is easier to ask rather than geek out when in or going to a high level meeting.... 

Sorry for imposing on you and getting you bent out of shape!


I could just say... If you do not want to just help me and answer..even to say read the full description... then keep quiet and either someone else will be nice enough to answer or the thread will go without an answer! 

Activation: Active [Maneuver)
Ranked: No
Trees: Ataru Striker
Force talent. The character may take the Saber
Swarm maneuver, suffering 1 strain. His next Lightsaber
(Agility) combat check this turn gains the Linked
item quality, with ranks equal to Force rating.

That still does not tell me what saber swarm with lets say 3 force points works!

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Also note that Force Points do not factor into Saber Swarm itself.


If you were to combine Saber Swarm with Hawkbat Swoop, however...


Then you could pull off something like this using a Lightsaber with a base damage of 6 and a single success, 1 advantage & 3 Force Points from your Force Rating of 2:


Activate Saber Swarm maneuver, Activate Hawkbat Swoop action. Hit with the above dice results (1 success, 1 advantage, 3 Force Points). Spend 3 Force Points using Hawkbat Swoop to generate 3 more advantage. 1 Success means you hit for 7 damage, you then use the 4 advantage to activate the Linked 2 quality you gained from Saber Swarm twice, hitting for a total of 3 times (initial strike + Linked + Linked) for a total of 7+7+7=21 damage. Even if you had 2 more advantage in this scenario, you wouldn't be able to hit again because your Lightsaber gains Linked equal to your Force Rating.


This combination actually seems to work best with a single powerful standard hilt lightsaber, as using the two-weapon fighting rules would make this combo more difficult to achieve. Additionally you could try to use this combo with a double-bladed lightsaber, though keep in mind that the double-bladed lightsaber already has the Linked 1 quality.

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It wasn't an imposition and I wasn't, and am not, bent out of shape. I was simply curious, since it is something I've noticed repeatedly.

I also didn't insult you or call you names, I asked a direct question. I've even answered some of your previous questions. 

I guess that makes me Summer's Eve. Thanks.

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