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Darth Meanie

News on the Unofficial Squad Builder

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Hopefully he doesn't mind me transferring him here verbatim, but I know some folks has been asking about Voidstate's builder:




I realise there’s been a lot of problems recently. Sorry, guys.

A quick history: there were problems. After a lot of investigation, it turned out that the site’s web host was at the root of these issues. I contacted the host and they told me that the platform I had been in since X-Wing was launched in 2013 was no longer supported. But they offered me a new, better option.

It was a bit more expensive but I felt bad that people were struggling. So I signed up to the new platf...orm, choosing a year’s contract to save money.

Well, it turns out this new platform was much, much worse. All the problems users are suffering basically stem from the restrictions on the new web server. After a lot of complaints I’m afraid I have got nowhere.

At the same time, FFG announced X-Wing 2. With their own squadron builder. My one was redundant. And the literally 1000s of hours I’ve put into it were soon to be worthless.

So I felt rather defeated. I’d sunk a years hosting costs into a rubbish web host. And X-Wing 1 was pretty much dead in a few months anyway.

I’m afraid I’ve been sticking my head in the sand.

So what should I do? Find a new web host that means the site can run properly? Or let it slide gracefully into retirement so players can move into X-Wing 2? Is it worth spending money on an app that will soon be losing most of its users anyway?


So, whether it be to ask him to keep up the good fight and get his 1.0 builder up and running again for those of us staying behind, thank him for 5 years of free labor, or just tell him his app was your fav, visit his FB Community page.

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2 hours ago, Hobojebus said:

I never used his builder but I appreciate anyone that does this kind of thing for free.

I've used all of them at various times, but I agree with Hobo: I appreciate the effort put in.

And those of us who will be playing epic will be wanting these builders to be around for the next year or so anyway.

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Sad news, but pretty understandable considering all the money, time and effort that @voidstate put into the squad builder over the years.  When you get a setback of that magnitude, and know that in a couple of months everything's going to change anyway, of course it's going to be very disheartening.

Many thanks to @voidstate for all the hard work over the last couple of years (and the rest of the squad builder developers for that matter), a true pillar of the X-Wing Community.

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Oh, no!
https://xwing-builder.co.uk/build is awesome! Top notch presentation, lots of features. I think even Tabletop Simulator used it as basis for creating squads?
It has always been my favorite squad builder until they stopped updating it around the time of wave XIII.

I don't think his squad builder will be obsolete by FFG's. There will be formats and unreleased cards that the official app won't support or will take much longer to support.
Also, MajorJugger was looking for some squadbuilder for his 1.0 Community Mod.
We still don't know if we will like 2.0. It's promising, but in any case there will be many people that won't jump to 2.0 (I know at least 5 in my circle of friends that won't) and those would like having the community squad builders.

Finally, if he doesn't feel for developing this project anymore, perhaps adding it to his Github would allow someone else to fork it and host it. I have a host, but I don't know if it is good enough for this app's requirements.

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