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Support of Mon Calamari mission card.

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As Bantha says--the card is correct. If the Mon Calamari system has an Imperial loyalty marker, then gaining 1 loyalty (e.g. with the 'Build Alliance' mission) would turn it neutral. But 'Support of Mon Calamari' lets you gain 2 loyalty, so the system goes from Imperial-loyal, to neutral, to Rebel-loyal.

Note, though, that if there are Imperial ground units in a system when you make it Rebel-loyal, it will become subjugated if it isn't already (you place a subjugation marker on top of the Rebel loyalty marker). It's still an 'Imperial system' in that case--the marker on top determines if it's an Imperial or Rebel system. But it's also now a 'system with Rebel loyalty', which may help with scoring objectives. The two phrases mean different things, so watch out for that!

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