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Finally finished my iOS Army List Builder app!

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20 minutes ago, vitasmortis said:

Hey all! Sorry for the delayed replies. I've just fixed the issues with the Rebel Commandos Strike Team and the Deathtroopers upgrades. I've also added a bunch of missing stuff from the previewed expansions, but I still have more to add in the next few days. You should see a data update the next time you open the app. 

I'm also working away on a software update that will finally add sorting and filtering of your lists - AND I've added a feature that lets you set your default faction when creating a new list (straight-up I just set it to Empire by default because I'm an all-in IMP player). Expect that update within the week!

I am eventually going to get to iCloud syncing across devices, that's coming up along with iPad support (eventually).

Finally, I heard that the other Android app is no longer supported, so I'm going to start development on an Android version for this and my Armada app. I dont know how long it will take me, but it's going to happen! 

Thank you, love this app!

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I like both the Legion and the Armada apps, thanks for doing them. When thing I caught is the MPL-57 Barrage Trooper can't be added to the Flett Troopers with show only cards in collections when building lists. It might be because the Fleet troopers model is referred to as a MPL-57 Ion Trooper. The recent improvements to both apps have been really helpful.

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