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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Questions from the FFG Forum Archives Dark Heresy First Edition - Rules Questions (Batch 3 - Purge the Unclean)

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1. So my players decided to keep Theo's legs after the showdown at the temple on Ambulon. (Purge the Unclean)
The tech-priest has been salviating (or should that be Dripping Sacred Oil?) over these for a while, looking for the proper facilities for performing the necessary rituals of sanctification and integration to replace his weak flesh for this good quality Trueflesh.
- Or is it? These bionics come from the Serrated Query. Are they built along lines that the Cult of Mechanicus would frown on? 
- If so: why? If not: what sort of stats should they grant?
-----> If they want to use items taken from a heretic, that should indeed have serious repercussions. Looking at the thread, though, I don’t really have anything to offer that isn’t already there. It’s really up to the GM and players as to what stats they want to have for them, though using Theodosia’s own rules is probably a good start. Nothing was ever done to stat these out as a separate item, sorry. Things like this, where the players are going way beyond anything in the book, are really up to the group to work out.
Side Note: The producer will be out next weekend, so there won't be a batch of questions. Con season is starting so I suspect this is why, and it won't be much better in the coming times.

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