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Armada Jim

Standby vs Steady

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I tried searching, but didn't find this, so here goes:

A unit of snowtroopers waltzes into range 2 of some Fleet Troopers who are on Standby. What happens?

A. The Snowtroopers use Steady to shoot immediately after moving, and assuming they cause suppression, cancel the Standby.

B. Since Steady says "After you perform a move action, you may perform a free ranged attack action", they complete the move action whereupon Standby triggers before the next action, which is the free attack.

I think it's B, but I don't know if it's been clarified anywhere.

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8 minutes ago, Rauhughes said:

I'm sure there's an email from alex standby and relentless with saber throw, seems to be the same scenario here - B is correct. 

Even better, it's in the RRG itself on page 41.

B is absolutely the correct one.

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