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7 hours ago, CaptainRocket said:

Fair point... but... but... they're sooooo cute!

Also, imagine vicious little Ewoks with rebel trooper helmets and blasters! ?

If you want some real fun with Ewoks, there is the comic that's set from the POV of an imperial Stormtrooper that survived Endor...the only thing he still has good in his life was the belief that the Endor Holocaust happened, only to have the story end by him being told that the rebels stopped that from happening.

There is also the old Illustrated Star Wars Universe that has a rather interesting story that's a prequel to RotJ about the Imperial expedition to the Forest Moon of Endor where they were scouting for a location to build the ground facilities needed for the Death Star's construction.

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I assume the next batch of stuff we will see will be more Heavy options an an operative for Rebels and a commander for Imperials so that we can have the factions balanced option wise.

16 hours ago, Poniatowski said:

How about alternate crews for the heavy weapons? The snow troopers are going to look kind of silly on a base for my Endor army.

If FFG doesn't make them I'm sure they will pop up on Shapeways shortly. I think Mel is eager to work with more Legion stuff so he might make some.

10 hours ago, Gridloc said:

Only problem with Ewoks, that I have is the logistics of why rebels would bring them?  Sure on Endor working with them was great, they had set up traps and knew the land.  But just find it hard to picture rebels flying to endor, grabbing a group of ewoks and throwing them on a snow planet and being like fight the Galactic army with sticks and rocks.

 The Rebels just load up a U-Wing with some murder teddy bears and release them in the warzone to rush down Stormtroopers to prep for the post battle feast. 

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