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This thread will be updated periodically with answers to rules questions that the Imperial Assault developers receive via our Rules Submission Form. If you have a question that you believe isn’t answered with our current documents, please check the following list before submitting your question:

  • The question is not answered in the game rules, FAQ, or another existing rules document.
  • The question is not answered in the thread on this page.
  • Your question is not a tournament procedure or event-related question. (Those can be sent to OrganizedPlay@FantasyFlightGames.com.)
  • You wrote a rules question (not a request, statement, etc.).

This thread is an official source for game rulings, in addition to all documents on our website.

Imperial Assault Rules Reference

Imperial Assault FAQ

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Question: In the skirmish mission “Abandoned Research” (Tarkin Initiative Labs, mission B), what does “Limit once per activation” refer to?

Answer: The limitation is intended to apply to using the weapons themselves. The rule regarding attacking while carrying a weapon should be played as if it read: “When a figure carrying a weapon declares an attack, add 1 attack die of that weapon’s color to the attack pool. Limit once per weapon per activation.”

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We have received multiple questions about line of sight interacting with terrain. The rules for line of sight have been updated (in blue) to clarify these situations.

The second paragraph of the Rules Reference Guide entry for Line of Sight (page 16) should read:

"To determine line of sight, the player draws two imaginary, non-intersecting lines from one corner of the attacking figure's space to two adjacent corners of the target's space. If either of these lines passes through--or the area between them contains--a wall, door, figure, or blocking terrain, then the figure does not have line of sight to the target." 

In Example 1 (below), the area between the two lines chosen for line of sight contains blocking terrain, so the figure does not have line of sight to the target.

IA line of sight.png


Additionally, a bullet has been added to clarify when an edge does or does not block line of sight:

  • A blocking edge, door, or wall connecting the two chosen corners of the target space blocks line of sight if it is between the target space and the corner from which line of sight is being drawn. 

In Example 2 (below), the blocking edge is between the target space and the attacker, so it blocks line of sight. Note that the right wall does not impede line of sight.

IA line of sight pt 2.png

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Set for Stun

The Command Card "Set for Stun" is ambiguously worded and has created some confusion. We've chosen to follow a strict interpretation of the card's language.

Set for Stun adds two separate effects to the attack:

  1. If the target would suffer damage, reduce it to 0.
  2. Then, the target becomes Stunned.

The second effect is not conditional upon the first. In cases of ambiguity, "then" is interpreted to imply a sequence of effects in Imperial Assault.

In practice, Set for Stun stuns the defender even if no damage is reduced, including instances where the attack misses due to insufficient accuracy or the defender rolls a dodge.

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Tyrants of Lothal tile 01B

The blocking terrain formation on Tyrants of Lothal tile 01B produces a significant and unintended defensive advantage for a mobile figure that sits in the center of it.

Consequently, the following rule should be observed:

While a figure occupies a space bordered on all four edges by walls or spaces that contain blocking terrain:

  • Those spaces of blocking terrain do not block counting spaces to or from that figure's space.
  • Those spaces of blocking terrain do not block line of sight to or from that figure's space. 
  • Melee attacks can be declared by or targeting that figure, ignoring those spaces of blocking terrain.
  • Those spaces of blocking terrain still block movement.

Importantly, this means that in the attached diagram, both Ahsoka and Han can attack the Jet Trooper.

IA spire image.jpg

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The following clarifications apply to the Coruscant Back Alleys Skirmish map:

Skirmish Mission A: The Triple Cross

Players score VP for defeating gangsters, but this mission does not specify which abilities can affect neutral figures. The first section should include the following sentence:

"Gangsters can suffer [damage] and be targeted by attacks and by abilities that can target hostile figures."


Skirmish Mission B: Propaganda War

There has been some confusion concerning whether the Rebel and Imperial mission tokens are claimed from the map or from the supply. During setup, players claim the Rebel and Imperial mission tokens from the map, leaving six in play.

Also, the player with the red deployment zone must claim their token from the map before the other player claims theirs.

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