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This thread will be updated periodically with answers to rules questions that the Imperial Assault developers receive via our Rules Submission Form. If you have a question that you believe isn’t answered with our current documents, please check the following list before submitting your question:

  • The question is not answered in the game rules, FAQ, or another existing rules document.
  • The question is not answered in the thread on this page.
  • Your question is not a tournament procedure or event-related question. (Those can be sent to OrganizedPlay@FantasyFlightGames.com.)
  • You wrote a rules question (not a request, statement, etc.).

This thread is an official source for game rulings, in addition to all documents on our website.

Imperial Assault Rules Reference

Imperial Assault FAQ

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Question: In the skirmish mission “Abandoned Research” (Tarkin Initiative Labs, mission B), what does “Limit once per activation” refer to?

Answer: The limitation is intended to apply to using the weapons themselves. The rule regarding attacking while carrying a weapon should be played as if it read: “When a figure carrying a weapon declares an attack, add 1 attack die of that weapon’s color to the attack pool. Limit once per weapon per activation.”

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