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Odanan's 2nd Ed. Custom Cards

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10 minutes ago, sf1raptor said:

I was going to try and use ms paint. Hope it works.

You can always get GIMP. It's a nice free alternative to Photoshop, especially if you aren't an advanced user and you don't need to do some very specific things.

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45 minutes ago, GLEXOR said:

I would give him a new ability since Ten Numb got a better version of his old one, maybe involve force?


41 minutes ago, Kharnete said:

Yep, Keyan needs a new ability as Ten stole (and improved) his.

I wouldn't give him Force points or anything related to it, as Maarek doesn't have any.

Dang! I didn't see that. I have no idea of which ability he could get.

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Best part about this, you don't have to worry about point costs.


Maybe we can get a CCC (Custom Cards Committee) to set point values of all 2.0 Custom Cards.;)

I nominate Bob "Major juggler" Randal as Chairman for the CCC.:P

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