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Admiral Deathrain

The vocal minority is an issue

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4 hours ago, Black Knight Leader said:

  You will not ignore facts when they are presented.  A phones autocorrect has no bearing in this topic.

It's very nice of you to let the one mom in Texas have a gun. 

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 5:39 PM, Admiral Deathrain said:

Social media is eating itself. I know a lot of people that don't bother anymore and I wouldn't either if there weren't some good reasons like local play and international hobby groups.

It feels a bit daft to say this on a forum that's essentially social media, but (understanding that you mean facebook/instagram/etc) I understand and fully agree. I pretty much only use it for messenger and local group event organisation.

To the extent, in fact, that when a few years back I put a post up that my (now) Wife and I got engaged, responses to the post were split about 50/50 between 'you're engaged?' and 'bloody ****, you're on facebook?'...

Partly because I retain a severe dislike of people who get their entire news intake from the headlines on a facebook feed. The concept that details or context might dramatically change a story goes over some people's heads and some of them get very angry when it's suggested.

At least in part, I guess, because online some people can just be out-and-out tools*; not because you don't understand their point of view but because they're actively trying to get a negative emotional response out of you. Which, whoever is their target and whatever is their motivation, is not okay.


* I know this can be true in real life but it's rarer. Because it's easier to fling poo from the back of a crowd whilst wearing a mask, I guess.


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As always, the truth is in between. Harassing actors, producers or media companys is alien to me. And I assume it is alien to you, the interessted reader. I carry no sympathy for endeavors like that.

However, as an actor, producer or media company you, by the very definition of your buiseness, nail your skin on the table for common review. And if you do this you have to endure the feedback, may it be to your pleasure or not. 

I repell extremist criticism and personal insult, there is noexcuse for it. However, you have to deal with the ghosts you conjure. This is something all of us have to endure, may it be in small or big scale.

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Syntax and typos (no naitive english speaker here, I do my best)

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