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Speculation about multiplayer expansion

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In the Start Wars Lcg there was one special multiplayer expansion. What would be essential in multiplayer expansion for L5R?

I have plaed a lot of different multiplayers games: Vampire (aka Jyhad), Babylon5, Dune ccg, Games of thrones lcg, multiplaer version of Star wars lcg  and so on but those were multiplayer from the beginning so some tweaking could be usefull in here.

How do you interact with other players, when it is not your own turn? That is quite essential. How do you help, how do you hinder others, when it is not your turn. How do you make your situation otherwice better, when it is not your turn... what happens when there Are characters by multible players in one conflict. Who has the controll of them? Do we get cards that give you some benefits if you participate in conflict that does not consern you.

for example in vampire, the player that does kill his prey gets extra blood (aka resources). That is why in Vampire Many people normally try to help the attacked players because They don’t want the attaking player to get upper hand, because of that extra blood. It is a good way of disancouraging to attack only the weak opponent because it would help your other opponents to win more easily.

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My own take of what would be nice to see in multiplayer expansion

  • Rulebook for multiplayer mode (with upgraded timeframe quide)
  • role cards aka games of throne or treaty cards (to make it easier to remember those treaties)
  • different set of rings (what ring Are claimed from whom...)


  • cards that allow redirecting the attack (similar that are in Vampire or Regent power in Games of Thrones lcg)
  • cards that allows you help the ally you have got via threaty.
  • Other cards that can be specially played in other players turn (so more to do while it is not your turn)
  • more cards with phrace ”all opponets...”
  • Some cards that allow a bowed card to block aka defend like ”forced awakening” in vampire ccg, or/and cards that allow a character to unbow, when someone is attaking your province (like ”guard dogs” in vampire) maybe by using fate to unbow.
  • cards that allow you to participate in conflict where you are not neither the attaker, nor the defender. (Like ”Eagle’s Sight” in the Vampire, that allows your character to participate (by using honor or fate...?)
  • Woting cards? In Vampire and Babylon5 card games there Are spesific Voting cards that has an effect based on Voting among the players. There Are Also. Adds that affects the Votes. (An alternative to political influnce?) these Also make interactions between player, but Are They needed is quite another question.



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