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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Questions from the FFG Forum Archives Dark Heresy First Edition - Rules Questions (Batch 2 - Apocrypha)

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Dark Heresy Apocrypha:


1. I have been reading the apocrypha and I have some questions:


- About the movement, a vehicle is considered always on the move I suppose, so in combat, does the pilot have to spend and action move to drive the vehicle?


------- > Yes. Ideally use the vehicle rules from Only War or DH2 instead of the Apocrypha though.


- If you move at full speed, is considered a Hard Target like running?


-------- > No, only if the vehicle is using the Floor It! Action would that happen.


- Can the driver or the crew use their dodge action if any of them are hit? For example with a called shot, can the driver dodge with the vehicle?


--------- > They would use the Jink action to avoid a shot at the vehicle. I’d let them use a Dodge if they were the personal target of a called shot though, if the vehicle had enough space for them to do so.



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