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Grand Army thoughts

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How many of you in this community have played higher than 800 point games so far? 1000? 1250? 1600?

What was your experience like?

After really getting into the RRG and learning the rules and such, I noticed that there really isnt much information on Grand Army rules other than 1600 pts, play on a 4x6, and then the various unit caps. I have heard of a lot of people building up their armies to play such games but wasn't sure how they were doing it with such little information.

Im wanting to play more points once my army is bigger, but my biggest question when thinking of using more points is: Do you up the amount of units that a commander can give orders to? 

At grand army scale, doubling the points means you'll likely have double the amount of units but I feel like being able to issue orders to only 3 units max. doesnt sound right when using so many.

Im assuming they'll include more rules for this in the updated RRG but was curious of everyone's thoughts.

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i've played one game so far, with 4 players (edit: we played 1600 points, with the usual grand army roster). it ran pretty much the same as a normal battle. during setup we not only removed the deployment cards, but we decided on the mission as well. all missions except "intercept the transmission" seem silly on the big table. i think that's all we changed.

about increasing the amount of units that get orders - i don't think that's needed at all. we didn't do it and everything worked well. a little more confusion maybe, but that's to be expected in a larger battle.

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