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D2e Class Quests

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Edit: TL;DR - I threw together a google survey to get ideas on class-specific quests to create with the Quest Vault (except Chains that Rust classes... for now(?)) and then share with the community.


So I've created a couple dozen quests on the D2e Quest Vault system and was inspired by eternaldreamon's idea on this thread about creating (non-official, obviously) a side quest for Descent's classes. I've put together a Google survey here (https://goo.gl/forms/SVXrIyhk3996CfwE2) and I'm asking for ideas. I think the questions are descriptive enough. Here's what I'm looking for, and I've submitted a sample Bard response in blue


Taken from an idea on BGG, I'd like any input and ideas on class quests motives, rewards, and penalties this amazing community may have. I'll be creating them on D2e's Quest Vault and posting them into a thread for playtesting and reviewing.
Note: Each class quest will only incorporate the base game + the expansion the class comes in, e.g. the Conjurer class quest will only use map tiles & monsters from the Base game + Shadow of Nerekhall.
I'd like to refrain from using the boss monsters (Eliza, Splig, etc) as having to die for the quest to be a success, if they're a part of it at all, as these quests have to fit inside of a campaign setting. May use their figures to represent other named baddies though.
Optional thought: If the class is played by the hero that accompanies it (Knight=Syndrial, Berserker=Grisban, Apothecary=Ulma), that hero/class receives a small advantage for the quest.

Quest Plot: Describe the theme or driving force for the quest  -  Use Rendiel's backstory for bardic plot. (See Quest Details)

Quest Details: Provide any thoughts you may have as to winning/losing conditions, monsters, setting, and/or overall objective  -  Bardic (Rendiel’s) backstory: "Wanderlust began when he/she heard a snippet of a song from a human merchant. When the musician pressed the merchant for more of his song, the man apologized and explained he didn’t remember where he’d heard it. Reasoning that a human heard the bewitching song in human lands, they set out on a quest throughout Terrinoth to find the song that haunts him."

Original song was played on a magical golden fiddle - or - Magic relic gives power to a musician
Winning condition, item obtained/shrine consulted & all enemies killed (reinforcements build throughout quest but stop once item is obtained by heroes)
Losing condition, Tristayne obtains the item or monsters kill all civilians (forcing heroes to flee)
Setting - Town
Monsters - Tristayne Olliven commanding his forces of darkness, fleeing via portal when close to death.

Face-down objective tokens represent potential item/shrine/whatever

Quest Reward: What sort of reward do you foresee obtaining should the heroes succeed the quest? A trinket? Stat increase? Boon to a class power? Remember that it can't be overpowered as to throw off the balance of the end-game, but should be useful enough that it isn't discarded throughout the campaign (after all, it's a part of the hero's character now!)  -  A) Relic Trinket - Golden Fiddle - (Bard only) Exhaust this card during your turn and chose a hero within 4 spaces of you. Suffer 1 Fatigue and that hero recovers 1 stamina or suffer 2 Fatigue and that hero recovers 1 health and 2 stamina. (Only one instrument equipped at a time)
B) Bard Skill - Healing Melody - 0xp - Song of Mending's range is reduced to 1 space, but becomes passive for both stamina and health recovery. This does not modify the range of any other skill. "Wayfarer" improves Song of Mending's range to 2 spaces.

Quest Penalty: What sort of penalty should be enforced should the heroes lose? Stat decrease? Small permanent nerf to or a cost increase for a base class skill? An item (or hand) loss, changing the style of play? Or perhaps a skill/card or an item for the Overlord and/or his minions? Remember it should be bad enough to cause a hesitation in choosing to do the quest, but not bad enough to spell complete doom for the remainder of the campaign.  -  A) Relic - Fiddle of Dissonance- At the beginning of this lieutenant's turn, each hero within three spaces of this lieutenant suffers 1 damage
B) Basic Overlord card - Sound of Silence - Play at the start of the Overlord's turn. Until the end of the Overlord's turn, no hero may use any skills requiring stamina and all passive effects from Hero skills or abilities are ignored.

Other: Any other thought or idea not applicable to the above questions?  -  If Bard class is played by Rendiel, his knowledge of the city grants the heroes knowledge of which face-down objective token is the item/shrine/whatever *without* the Overlord having that knowledge.

Any other questions you guys think would be helpful? Please submit any ideas you may have. After I've completed the quests, they'll be available in the Quest Vault and I'll also post a link to them on this thread. Also, feel free to post a brief synopsis of your idea as a comment below so others know the idea has already been submitted. May also be useful for "voting" for a winning idea for each class after some submissions have been made.

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It should be noted that I'll be creating a quest for each and every class, so I'm not asking for a vote on which classes to do quests for, but asking for ideas on quest material (based on the couple responses that just specify the archetype & class but no quest details).
And this is an anonymous thing, so thank you for taking the time for the two submissions I did get, whoever you are biggrin.gif

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