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Teams with Multiplayer

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Reading some of the concerns of kingmaker (where a player who cannot win decides who does), it occurred to me that I'd really like a Two-Headed Giant format.  In Magic, it works by having two players share a common health pool.  In this, I'd think you'd share honor, although I'm not sure what else.  If you would in fact share honor, I'd think you'd need to add your strongholds' honor values together and have the win condition at 50.

Is it more pragmatic to have allies sit opposite each other and share a common ring pool?  Would they also share conflicts, by which I mean they attack & defend together - both being able to commit characters and play events; I would think the game would get quite slow and dull if you had to wait for even more conflicts in which you do not participate.

Would you simply play with permanent-unbreakable treaties?

Would there be some additional restrictions for win conditions?

Has anybody tried, or considered, using the new multiplayer rules with teams?

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