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Your most wanted new EU ships in 2.0

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Skipray Blastboat. I'd prefer it flying with Scum, due to the fact that I can dirty it up and it was more used by independent operators than the Empire, but I'd be happy with it in Imperial hands as well. I would instantly buy two or three, no matter how  they flew in-game, as I love the ship.

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EU as in originated in the EU, or as in no longer within canon?

For pure Legends (apparently the model of ship is canon again, but not the ship specifically), I still want the Star Jewel for Epic 2.0. It's only a tad bigger than the Raider so it's in the ballpark, it's Jabba's personal ship, and it resembles his barge somewhat as well. I think it really hits home the idea of a capital ship for Scum.

For 'originated in the EU', I still really really want the Luxury 3000 space yacht. It means a lot to me thanks to Star Wars Galaxies, and it had famous pilots like Lando and Mara Jade. Both the ship in general and the Lady Luck specifically are in canon again, too (although I can't find if the Lady Luck is still the same model of ship), and the canon version of the ship is known to often conceal weapons. It could easily have Lando as a pilot and Lady Luck as a title for the Rebels and Hondo Ohnaka as a pilot and Fortune and Glory as a title for Scum and not even touch Legends if it wasn't allowed to.

The biggest issue might be the scale, being half again as long as the Millennium Falcon (although it's not that much longer than the Ghost), but honestly I think that could be fudged. I'm not even sure if the scale has been portrayed as such in Clone Wars anyway.

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Clone Wars Factions!!! Woooot.

I would buy into 2.0 then FFG! Just tell me it's going to happen!

Confederacy: Belebub, Vulture droid, Tri-Droid

Republic: Jedi Starfighter, Old Y-wing, V-wing


Sorry back on topic, if we are talking about the three current factions:


TIE Droid, comes in a pack with two of them, cheaper and weaker than a TIE Fighter (2 hull and calculate)

Chiss Clawcraft, 4 dice bullseye arc only arc.

*Epic* Tartan Patrol Cruiser



Blue X-Wing Scarif pilots

Pheonix Squadron X-wing/A-Wing with Rebels Show pilots

*EPIC* Rebel Captured/Modified Raider



Vulture Droid

Mining Guild TIE

Uglies "Aces" pack (Xceptor and TIE-Wing)

*Epic* Hondo's pirate ship or captured lambda

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My list:

  • Kom'rk fighter/transport: I'd like to be able to field pure Mandalorian forces that aren't just Fang Fighters. Hopefully it would have synergy with the Fang Fighters as well. 
  • R-41 Starchaser: I have a warm fuzzy place in my heart for these from my old Tie Fighter PC days and I just think they look nice in a Star Wars style that isn't derivative.
  • Chiss Clawcraft: I'm not even sure what faction these would be part of and we should probably save them until we see the Chiss Ascendancy in canon but I would really like to see these one day.
  • Tie Avenger: I'm not convinced we need these, but I do love the idea of a powerful tie that isn't super overcosted like the Defender is going to be and it does look neat even if it isn't at all original. 

I also think that if we're getting this niche then it's time  prequel fans get their due and we get Republic and Confederacy factions. They're not my favorites but they are for others and it's time for Star Wars fans to unite together in harmony.


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I just found my old Star Wars Galaxies screenshots.

It looks like I flew Freelance ships up through the Kimogila (though not the Kihraxz), then switched to fly a TIE Fighter, then finally switched again, earning up through the Advanced X-Wing (including the ARC-170). I also owned a Luxury Yacht.

So of the ships that I personally flew, all of them are in X-Wing now except the Dunelizard and the Luxury 3000 space yacht.

I hope we get them all some day.

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Skipray blastboat is my #1 pick. I can't wait to fly the crew of the Mynock.

Other than that, I'm not particularly keen for any EU ships. I could bear the TIE avenger, if it was sculpted sleek enough (more like an interceptor or silencer than the blocky design from the TIE Fighter games where the wings had front/back symmetry) but there's nothing else I really want. All the really cool ships are in the movies, anyway.

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