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First Survey is Live!

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Hello Beta Testers!

Thank you so much for trying out the multiplayer beta! I’ve been psyched for a while now about getting to share this new format with the community, and now that time is finally here. I am looking forward to working with you all during the next few weeks to put some real polish on this ruleset.

Along with updates to the rules, there will be several surveys posted over the next few weeks. The first, which is at the bottom of this post, is focused on collecting some general knowledge about your games with the enlightenment format, with the overall goal of painting a clearer picture in terms of player experience with this format.

In addition to filling out the survey, the best way players can contribute is by discussing their experiences on the forum. Play an enlightenment game and tell us about it. What was everyone playing? What were the highlights of the game? What cards were the stars, and what cards didn’t work? How many treaties did you make, and how much honor did you stake on them? Were the treaties impactful? Were they fun? We really want to hear about your games and your impressions of those games. This will help move this format into the best possible place!

Thanks again for all your help!

-Brad Andres

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6QZG5RB

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I've taken the survey, but since it doesn't give the ability to share additional thoughts I felt I should share them here.

The main problem my group keeps running into is that it's currently very easy and is the most effective strategy to "Kingmake" or gang up on other players. Since every defense requires some form of resources to stop it, whether those are conflict cards or committing characters to the defense, once a person has been attacked, the other players are incentivised to keep attacking the loosing player since they naturally have less and less ability to defend the more attacks they take. Yes, you are sort of encouraged to attack a winning player if they're stacking rings up, it's nowhere near as easy than just farming rings yourself by attacking the downed player. There are a few solutions my group has come up with that I figured I'd share here:

1.) When attacking a player that has already lost a conflict this round, you cannot claim the ring you declared the conflict for. (You may still claim any rings on the broken province, however. Just not the specific ring you attacked with.) This prevents ring farming a weak player.


2.) A system similar to titles in AGoT LCG so down-and-out players have a chance to pick a title that prevents the strong players from ganging up on them, and such. 

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