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Crimson Skies

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I've done some work with Crimson Skies, and I think it fits nicely with Genesys.  Please add any comments or questions below, and I'll see what I can do.


That's the Google Drive folder with the PDFs for the game, and the character sheet (which has the ship sheet built on to it).  I don't remember where it came from, but its good.


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Hey! I actually started running a Crimson Skies-based Genesys campaign on Roll20 and was thunderstruck to discover you had made this already. We're utilizing a lot of it, though we're being a bit cagey about some things until we're more comfortable with the system. 

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I like the idea of using X-Wing for the air combat -- I once did the same thing using Crimson Skies with Savage Worlds for the non-air-combat stuff! But if you'd like a bit of advice, you could use real air combat names for the new maneuvers.

I'd suggest using these:

  • Curve = Lag Roll
  • Powerslide = Barrel Roll
  • Roll Out = Wingover
  • Slide = Scissors

(For what it's worth, the Koiogran Turn is an Immelmann Turn, Segnor's Loop is something like a Yo-Yo, and while the Tallon Roll is described like a barrel roll in the lore, in the game it functions more like a Chandelle.

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I haven't done alot with it, as I've had some other games I've been converting to Genesys.  If you have any suggestions to make the game better, I'll gladly edit them and put them in the book.  I'd LOVE to see an official RPG for this world, and it fits so well with Genesys.


Thanks for the terms.  I always find it a hard balance with actual terminology and ease of play.  But in this case, the real terms may add more to the feel.  I'll work on changing them, and updating the file.

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