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Your “bonuses” in the update kits

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I plan on buying 1 of each kit. In many cases, I don’t have ships to account for all the update sets, so I anticipate trading or sellling many to get extras for other ships for which I will need more updates (SV, Scyks, Strikers). 

I am happy to have the chance to get LOTS of stuff that I did not have in 1.0. I have yet to buy any epic ship, and it actually ticks me off that I would need to by high ticket out-of-scale ships I don’t want to use in order to get pilots and upgrades for the non-epic game.

I eBay’d or Bartertown’d for the epic XW and Scyk pilots, droids, a couple crew, along with 1 copy of the TIE Adv gear. I could not bring myself to ever purchase The Emperor, extra TIE pilots, or many other expensive cards. 

Now I will have them all!  Plus, I ended up with a free extra TIE Adv. without a dial and inserts...now that ship is fully operational!

How about you?

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I am slow to buy into this game, since I have a history with Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40k and I made the experience that I tend to acquire much stuff that I actually don't use. I admit that I am not your hardcore star wars fan who has to get all those ships. It's a great game with the bonus that I like the star wars universe and know some of it's story. 

So for me the bonus of the upgrade kits is to have all those ships available that I don't own yet, playing with the cardboard but without the model for casual games, before deciding on what to get next. 

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The massive bonus to me is larger quantities of generics.

There are several ships that I own many copies of but since they came in various different packs that did not include the same generics I don't have full generic amounts of each type for that ship.

I love to run "pure" fleets all of the same type of ship all the same generic and I cant do that even though I own enough ship models to do so... until 2.0 that is!

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I am currently unable to fly four Scum Z-95s at one time but will be able to in 2.0, even if there isn't enough cardboard for them all to be the cheapest generic.

Also I was never seriously going to get enough copies of guidance chips so I'm hoping it won't be a thing next edition.

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I thought at first that I would need at least 2 of the rebel and Imperial upgrade kits but it turns out my numbers were way smaller than I first thought

Ships That I'll need more conversions for

1 A-wing

2 B-wings

1 X-wing

2 Tie Advanced

2 Tie Defenders

1 Tie fighter

On the other hand I'll have plenty of leftovers

1 E-wing

1 Hawk

1 of each phantom shuttle

1 U-wing


1 2400

1 Z-95

1 Alpha class

1 Lambda

1 Tie Agressor

1 Decimator


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guidance chips was a much needed fix for ordnance that i do not expect to see in 2.0.  Looking at the 2.0  proton torpedoes, it looks like you have to have a target lock to fire them but you don't have to spend the lock, which should mean it's available to modify your roll.  If so, hen patch fixes like G. chips won't be making an appearance in 2.0.  Just my best guess, of course.

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