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HOB: Rise of Urthko - encounter 2 - line of sight

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I have a question about line of sight and counting spaces in Rise of Urthko encounter 2.

Is it possible to trace line of sight and count spaces through the unique spaces (marked by X’s), so that it is possible to use ranged weapons and howl from within the Feeding grounds to hit figures in the Holding Cell and vice versa?

Thematically – maybe

Ruleswise – probably not since it is different tiles with a black border between them.

How have you guys played this?

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Two points:

1) No, the spaces do not have LOS to each other. The black borders block LOS.

2) LOS is not the issue for howl. For abilities that rely on "within X spaces" you need to count spaces, which is independent from LOS. In this case, you can't count between the unique spaces, either.

Check out my guide to range and LOS for specific explanations and examples.

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