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Major Map Discrepancy

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One of my players called my attention to a major discrepancy in the maps for the Terrinoth setting:

Here's the map he's familiar with from The Descent board game: [Looks like this is a fanmade map, instead]


And here's the map from Realms of Terrinoth:


Has there been any clarification regarding the changes? The new positions for the Ru Steppes, Broken Plains, and Al-Kalim are drastically different.


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Which game's the map in- I'll have to dig it out- is it Descent first edition? I also note it's got 'fan-made map' on it, so is it actually canon or has it just given places locations not specifically given relative to each other in the games?


Terrinoth's fairly accurate though with a few minor differences such as Crimson Forest moving below Nerekhall, might be useful to use the two Terrinoth maps (RoT and this one) together to fill in some gaps:




The Sea of Blood Torue Albes map is here but not too legible in these images (larger size may be clearer)



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SoB maps

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Here’s an interesting link that seems to point to the origins of the older OneOgre map..


based solely on that thread (initiated by the one and only OneOgre!)  I’d infer at this stage that the first map is a fan attempt.. but I don’t have Descent so don’t know what came ‘in the box’ so could easily be wrong, I suppose.

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But of course unless you had all the versions of all the Mennara set games (there are a fair few, some out of print, and of course older and newer versions of some games) you couldn't check the games to be certain.


I was thinking since i posted my response even for Realms of Terrinoth they may have had to give some locations a specific place that may not have it in the games- as I suggested before the games might just name some of the places without specifically saying where they are in terms of direction or neighbours. Slightly envy the design team probably having some of the older archive stuff to browse through! But they too may have had to fill in some blanks.


I will be doing some more digging with the games I have in future, so shall share any nuggets of info.

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