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Second edition Conversion Kit? (descent second edition and conversion kit second edition)

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Today i was eager to buy the conversion kit for descent 2ond edition since i have the first edition of descent. Problem is that the heroes and monsters use the old stats. 

So, FFG, would you produce a second edition conversion kit for descent second edition with the new stats of both heroes and monsters?

What is your opinion guys? I know this would be a loss of money for FFG since Hero and Monster Collections would be halfly useless. (there would not be need to buy them since we can get the stats for heroes and monsters so that the only benefit from buying H & M Collection would be for the 2 quest they offer and the new plastic figures)

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The Conversion kit was a one time thing. FFG has never reprinted it to my knowledge. Their "fix" for it was the hero and monster collections. That said the updated stats can be easily adjusted yourself if you're willing to write on the cards or print it out and sleeve them. This thread on BGG is a great resource for doing it yourself.

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