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Help with choosing the next expansion

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Dear Wonderful Descent Community,


I have a request for advice from you all. Our group mostly enjoys playing with RTL, and I currently own the following expasnions:

1) Lair of the Wyrm

2) Labyrinth of Ruin

3) Trollfens

4) Nerekhall

5) The Chains that Rust

6) Valyndra, Bol'Goreth, and Kyndrithul lieutenant packs

I will probably eventually get manor of Ravens as well as I have heard lots of good things about it.


My question is: Which would you recommend from the following: Mists of Bilehall or an H&M pack? If the latter, Oath of the Outcast (mostly for the heroes, as my favorite archetype to play is the healer) and Bonds of the Wild (those familiars seem really fun) look interesting to me, but I am eager to hear your opinions.


Thank you in advance!

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Bilehall is a cool expansion, but I don't think it offers much for RTL play. (No heroes/classes) although the monsters (especially Broodwalkers) are quite threatening and different. The items are quite powerful, with Mistbane being my favorite act I melee weapon.

Bonds of the Wild has some good heroes. Personally, I think the only dud hero in the box is Ronan of the Wild, but he might be good with the abundance of search tokens in RTL. Lyssa is really strong, especially since you have The Chains That Rust with the hybrid class.

I'd recommend Bonds of the Wild, if only because that one tends to be hard to find online it seems.

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Thanks for the thoughtful response!

Hmm... so you would recommend bonds of the wild over oath of the outcast? Overall bonds looks more intriguing to me, so i appreciate the validation, but the one thing from oaths that really grabs my attention is elder mok since healer is my favorite archetype.

Also, although we mostly play rtl I'm thinking about doing a quest using classic play with me as OL(which I haven't done in a long time) I haven't been able to find many reviews on the mists/chains quest. Would mists be worth getting for that quest (plus the awesome monsters), or is the nerekhall quest better? (haven't played that yet)

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For RtL, the hero and monster packs have a good bit to offer. Mists will just have some equipment and some monsters really (for RtL). The mists and chains normal play quests are good, but they have a significantly different feel and strategy from the other campaigns.

As far as Oath vs Bonds...

Mok is a great healer, it's true, and the other heroes aren't bad. Razorwings and Beastmen are rather classic infantry monsters, bane spiders hit a little differently.

In bonds, the heroes with familiars really shine. Pico, Skye, and  Brightblaze are neat. Hellhounds are delightful, elves are an interesting group (I don't find mysekf choosing them often) and kobold live for the swarm.

It really comes down to what you think you're going to play with. Bonds doesn't have a healer, but it has a lot else to offer. That being said, Mok is a very good healer and he absolutely shines as a bard.

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Thank you both for your thoughtful responses.

You have convinced me to go for bonds of the wild, and then maybe oath later on down the line.


Thanks for all the help!

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