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Legend of the Five Rings Genesys Conversion

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Posting an update: at the moment, this project is on hold, due to several reasons:

  • Other projects are taking up my time.
  • GMBinder isn't always easy to work with (I switched to Firefox recently, and something about the formatting is screwed up), so it's more of a chore than an enjoyable hobby. I have several other files that are incomplete because of these reasons, and I just mostly use Microsoft Word, simply because it's easier.
  • I've mulled over some of the comments posted here, and I want to implement them, such as reassessing how the schools work @Derrigan Bluewave's suggestion, but I keep starting, stopping, and clearing everything.
  • While I do like the setting of L5R itself in some ways, there's a lot about it that bothers me about it, so I keep swinging back and forth between "this is cool I want to do this" and "I don't know why I care".

So, some things I might change, aside from minor tweaks:

After a while and some more reevaluation, I would cut Cryptography. I included it to cover some small things, but that was dumb and lazy of me.

Fixing the school ability issue is more complicated. I thought of just giving each school a default ability that isn't a talent that characters would get at the start, but it felt weird and unusual, like it goes against the grain of how Genesys works. The other idea was to switch to Star Wars' talent tree system. This does allow for each dojo to feel more complete and unique, but the specializations in Star Wars benefited by being as general as possible (i.e. the Hired Gun could cover a wide range of bodyguard and mercenary characters, whereas a Hida Defender specialization is going to be restricted to a certain group of characters).

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14 minutes ago, Derrigan Bluewave said:

@Swordbreaker If you want, I'm willing to share with you my conversion.

That's not really necessary if you don't want to. This project isn't at the top of my priorities at the moment, and I don't want to just "steal" any of your ideas.

I don't know your personal history with L5R, but I'm relatively new to it, and I'm not as invested in it emotionally or mentally as somebody else may be (thus why my interest in the setting fluctuates). Some of the things I've added made sense to me as someone familiar with the Genesys system, but a long time fan of L5R might object to. So I'm kind of hesitant to make any more major adjustments for fear of it aggravating people.

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25 minutes ago, Derrigan Bluewave said:

@Swordbreaker I am not an old fan of L5R, and whatever your version of it is, I would never hold it against you, even if you decide to "steal" any of my ideas. In fact, if you "steal" some of my ideas, i would see it as a point of pride.

Well, I'm not adverse to looking at either way.

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