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Gunner Luke is a geinus design decision, awful PR decision

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5 hours ago, ficklegreendice said:

You can't seriously believe this was the only way to make Luke badass, right?

Disregarding how badly he's designed for now, we have to remind ourselves that we're limited basically only by our own imaginations when it comes to designing abilities (since 2.0 now affords FAR more room to design things in)

Gunner Luke could have done ANYTHING and still would have been cool if designed properly

For example:

"After fully executing a speed 1-2 manuever, you may spend 1 force.

If you do, when you attack with a MOBILE ARC INDICATOR roll an additional attack die."

Plays nice, is badass, AND harkens back to the railgunner segment in ANH



Strawman. I am happy he is badass, I didn´t specify that it was the best way. Whine on....

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So the point was raised today in my hearing that Luke may well not be the only 360 effect in the game.

The Illicit Hotshot Blaster fits the scum theme of dirty tricks. "Oh, nice job dodging my arc, good thing I brought insurance! BLAM BLAM!" It would be limited use, but perhaps not single use like it is in 1.0.

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On 5/23/2018 at 1:05 AM, ficklegreendice said:

training wheels are there to help ease into a mechanic, not utterly invalidate it

I feel like this could have been phrased in more of a “you were supposed to bring balance to the game, not leave it in darkness!” way.

Also, regarding a newbie getting their hands on the training wheel to play with it - they can use their friends’, that’s a pretty standard way newbies get an introduction to a game.

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