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Rogue Dakotan

Is range always measured along the ground?

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AT-RT with Flamethrower wants to shoot at some dues on the top of a building.  The AT-RT is on the ground below the building. He has LOS to the dudes. 

If we lay the 1-Range ruler  flat on the ground, the defending stormtroopers are within Range 1. 

If we angle the Range ruler so it makes a straight line between the base of the AT-RT and the Stormtroopers on the roof, it comes up short. 


I don't have a pic of the exact situation, but here is pic from the match where it happened. 



The AT-RT was on the ground between the statue and the building, and the troopers were on the top of the building. 


We played that it should be point to point for range, since that just made the most sense thematically. But this game's rules don't always follow what makes most sense to me thematically. 



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According to Range (RRG p. 37)


To measure range, a player places the range ruler so its beginning touches part of the base of the mini that range is being measured from. Then, the player points the range ruler toward the mini that range is being measured to; the measured range is the range that corresponds to the segment closest to the beginning of the ruler that a portion of the base of the mini being measured to is in.

The first part tells us that we do have to touch the range ruler to the base of the mini we are measuring from.  The rule does not, however, state that we have to touch the base of the mini we are measuring to, just that we have to point the range ruler towards it. 

Seems a bit vague to me as I could see arguments either way.  Might be time for someone to email Alex...

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I've seen this come up a few times, I'll be interested to see how it gets clarified - especially out along Range 3-4, it could make a significant difference.

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TBH I believe it will be ruled to be horizontal measurement only as point to point becomes a bit harder with terrain blocking the range ruler and FFG seem to be leaning more towards quicker play with less ambiguity. 

On top of that the officially released mats you would have no reference for how to measure height since the whole thing is a flat surface. 

I sent in an email to Alex yesterday with this and a few other questions. I will update if I get an answer. 

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